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Kesh Luxury Group

Kesh Luxury Group is a full-service production company offering the best in luxury event services from planning to design and home decor, servicing client worldwide. We are a one-stop shop for all your event management needs. No detail is left untouched.

Our Promise

Our promise is to create unforgettable moments. Whether it is your wedding or social event, our commitment to you is to create an exceptional event experience.

Awards, Press & Features

Akeshi has been featured in many wedding publications like Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Inside Weddings, Modern Luxury Brides Magazine, Munaluchi Brides Magazine, Oh Brides, Wedding Lovely, News Tribune, Red Eye Wedding Guide, The Knot and other wedding publications. Her focus is always on transforming a personal story into a living, breathing moment in time.

“Luxury is in each detail”

Meet our Creative Director

Akeshi Akinseye

President of Kesh Luxury Group, Inc.
Author, Event Designer, Party Planner, Educator

Akeshi is the founder of Kesh Luxury Group. Her unique style and passion for transforming any space into lush and romantic settings has helped to establish her as a premier planner and event designer for clients all over the world. Her clientele includes celebrities and athletes.

Akeshi is the author of “The Art of Floral And Event Design”. Her positivity, keen eye, attention to detail and knack for perfection is what her clients love about her. She brings the art of creativity and personalization to every single event making her the best at what she does. Akeshi honors the individual styles of her clients and she continually strives to make every experience one to remember.

Her dedication to supporting and sharing her knowledge to the industry initiated the idea for her floral and design workshop program, The Kesh Experience, a series of design masterclasses that offer mentorship and education to industry professionals at all levels. Akeshi has been featured in editorials and her work has been featured in many local and national wedding publications. She also speaks at seminars, tv segments and radio interviews.

Love Notes

  • Kesh is the ABSOLUTE best! She took my vision and turned it to reality. Every single detail was perfect! The floral arrangements were BEYOND unbelievable! I would tell any bride that their service is a wedding MUST! They worked with our budget to create a fairytale wedding that blew my our minds. My dad's direct quote the day after the wedding "Akeshi and crew was worth every penny! Best investment for the wedding!" Thank you for making our day so special! We absolutely adore you!

    Marissa Kinsey
    Marissa Kinsey
  • Words can't explain how happy and satisfied I was with Akeshi and her team. They made my day so beautiful that I had absolutely nothing to worry about. They are just everything you need and more for a planner. Most importantly not only did they make sure everything went according to plan, they also made sure I was very well taken care of which was really sweet. Love you guys.

    Ify Odiete
    Ify Odiete
  • WOW! I cannot say enough nice things about Akeshi and her team. To be honest, going into the big day I was a little worried regardless of who we were to go with for our planner. We had met with and done research on several vendors because we were should be on your big day right?!? You want the day to go flawlessly and don't want to have to think about forgetting the little details. The moment I met Akeshi I was impressed by her organization and class, not to mention she has such a fun and loving personality that I knew I would enjoy working with her. Leading up to our big event I felt very confident in our decision to work together. Akeshi and her team delivered the PERFECT day! They went above and beyond our expectations which we are forever grateful for.

    Liz Coleman
    Liz Coleman